Article Number: 6566
Magazine, Staple Binding, 16 Pages, 2014
Andita Di Bianco, Banu Cennetoğlu

Düzeltmeler, Açıklamalar

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Corrections and Clarifications by Anita Di Bianco is an ongoing newspaper project produced in various locations, languages, and formats since 2001. Each iteration of the work is an edited compilation of corrections of typographical or factual mistakes, and statements intended to clear up misunderstandings published in daily newspapers.

Corrections and Clarifications takes the familiar format of the daily newspaper, its content referring back to what was published the day, week, or month before.Di Bianco leaves out the original journalistic material, offering an indirect record of idiosyncratic as well as systematic errors that infiltrate and alter the daily information flow. The project hints at particular power relations in print journalism, in which facts and meanings are constantly negotiated between the producers and consumers of information. Each edition, ranging from 500 to 5,000 copies, is distributed gratis within the context of an exhibition, and is meant to be read, passed along, discarded, or discovered inadvertently. Di Bianco’s work is ‘non-precious’, reflecting the overarching sensibility of the BAS Collection that focuses on artist’s books and printed matter as artworks. To develop the collection, Cennetoğlu emphasizes diversity—rather than personal taste—and has an open acquisition policy when buying, accepting, and bartering works. The collection is accessible to the public, aiming to engage the visitors through the print medium that is produced in large editions and circulating outside of mainstream art channels. Language: Turkish