Article Number: 5932
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 126 Pages, 2013, Spector Books
Luis Camnitzer

Eco Book

€ 27.50

What if time was an illusion and past, present and future would all exist simultaneously? According to a thesis by physicist Craig Callender, it only depends on which method we use to segment continuous space-time.

This idea was an inspiration to conceptual artist Luis Camnitzer — born 1937 in Lübeck, raised in Uruguay, living in New York since 1964, where he works as artist, teacher,critic and art scholar. In 2011 Luis Camnitzer took a collection of essays by Umberto Eco and put them back into a new order according to an alternative method of editing. Camnitzer’s “Eco Book” consists of 104 pages that seem hieroglyphic at first, filled with indecipherable arcane structures and signs, rendering the common mechanisms of interpretation absurd. The illegible pages are interleaved simultaneous signifiers. More than to merely look at signs, there is a need to alter them.

Language: English/German