Article Number: 198
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 24 Pages, 1900
Valerie Felix


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The project "Entrez"

My landing in a new country where I didn't have any real souvenirs was an intense moment for me. The memory's cocoon that I've made in my birth country was far away and I came here with a couple of small objects that mean a lot for me. I just began to think how really we live the past moments inside our head, if all the souvenirs are real or if is it a part of interpretation…

The text of the last page: A souvenir is not
What we see,
But the individual interpretation
That we made of.

I've made a sort of pinhole, with a Polaroid back and I worked several months with it. 120 pictures flowed from that work, every time I photographed, I did a transfer of the negative on a book (watch the video), that movement was here to symbolized the recording of the souvenirs in our memory, sometime you can see the picture very well and sometimes not…the souvenirs are the same.

I did an art book with 21 photos of the work.
This book is printed in 75 exemplary, numbered and signed.
It's going to be edited this spring for my next exhibition called as well: Entrez.

you can see all the project and the 21 photographs of the book on my web-site: