Article Number: 5176
Soft Cover, German, Glue Binding, 82 Pages, 2013
Robert Gruber, Alexandr Puškin

Ephemeral Self - Finite Projections

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An idea that takes on form, whether it is worked out materially, structured in a rhetorical sense or formulated as a conceptual definition, goes through several different processes. The idea is not clear, but it is always flexible and fragile. A concept of mobility.

Ephemeral Self – finite projections Artworks, representative set pieces of artistic work, carry out a self-owned occupation with what is identified by them through their and in their presence as the “impossible self”. Such occupations are experiments and final projections of a self whose existence remains volatile and vague. This can only be understood as linked – and consistent in the sense of the processual visibility as form – in the experiment. The experiment is a sketch of something that ends whatever begins in the formally existing work and yet can never be finally concluded. For the work in its sense, i.e. adjusted to its senses, is a projection of the impossible self. Transient but stable and in form in the actual realisation of the self as a kind of state. The in itself is the state of the same occupation with the incomprehensible self. The formal survival of these projections ends, however, in the eye of the beholder – temporarily and just locally embedded in the context of the exhibition. Finite projections.
The works shown here are a compilation and overview of this connection, formal diversity of self-experiments; total performance or pure presence, which, even more than the form of individual artworks, is its body. The constantly recurring performance appears as the form of a finite projection; for works are relations between projection and clarity. The impossible experiment of a self in a stationary state. As self-experiment personal.
The state of the representation is the as-if; here it is the in-itself.
(R. Gruber)