Article Number: 9713
Soft Cover, English, 32 Pages, 2006, ISBN 2-912483-50-6

errors deceits mistakes n°1

The first issue of errors deceits mistakes was presented at Salon Light, Paris 11 & 12 November 2006. It contains photocopies in black and white.

the publication includes contributions by:

oreet ashery (london) jen budney (kamloops) luce sibilla balzarini (various locations) jota castro (brussels) c.cred | collective creative dissent (london) costracted world (turin) garry gray (st drezery) pascale hingrand (paris) institute for advanced architecture (new york) loss - laboratorio operativo sistemi sensibili (turin) rodrigo mallea lire (stockholm) elizabeth newman (melbourne) ylva ogland (stockholm) camilla pignatti morano (rome) lisa radford & kati rule (melbourne) sislej xhafa (new york)

Language: English