Article Number: 6302
Soft Cover, English, 20 Pages, 2012
Société Anonyme

Excerpt Scor Codex

La Société Anonyme is an artist’s collective born from the ashes of the Dutch 2013 funding cuts to the arts. An avant-garde art collective with a corporate twist après la lettre, La Société Anonyme launches its first product in July 2012: The SKOR Codex, a book preserving the legacy of one of the Netherlands' perishing art organisations for the distant future. Adopting an experimental model of artistic corporation, La Société Anonyme responds to the commodification of culture by searching for alternative ways to make, promote and sustain art. La Société Anonyme is represented by Dušan Barok, Danny van der Kleij, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk.

The book contains binary encoded texts and selected images that portray SKOR’s activities and diverse culture.Transformed from magnetic transitions on a disk into ink on paper, the files are now safe from bitrot, software decay and hardware failure, possibly for centuries. Instructions in a symbolic language explain the origin of the book and explain how the content is to be decoded. Codex guarantees that the binary code can easily be scanned at any time - ensuring that SKOR’s online legacy will be available to future archivists and archaeologists. La Société Anonyme noted that ‘the package will be encountered and the book decoded only if there are advanced civilizations inhabiting the planet in the distant future.

Language: English