Article Number: 140
Hard Cover, English, Staple Binding, 2004
Daisuke Takeya

eyes of a child

Children's Artwork in Japanese

Children's artwork - it has two meanings.Artwork created by children and artwork depicting children. (Engl./Jap)

´eyes of a child

This self- directed/published book commemorates my art project, 'eyes of a child' which is to investigate creativity of children and aesthetics of their artwork as an art teacher/ artist. This is an effort to discover what drawing means to me by creating reproductions of works produced by children in order to understand and clarify the drawing style of each student as well as the feelings that he or she intended to express, and then by drawing portraits of each student. The exhibit features a simultaneous showing of oil and pencil portraits of students and reproductions of works produced by these students during the class.

'eyes of a child' project has been exhibited in various venues around the globe, including Pouch Cove Foundation-Newfoundland, Canada (2008), Christopher Cutts Gallery-Toronto, Canada (2006), Wagner Collage Art Gallery-Staten Island, New York, U.S.A. (2005), Galeria Punto Kurashiki-Okayama prefecture, Japan (2005), Kyoto Art Center-Kyoto, Japan (2005), Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art Annex-Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan (2005), Prince Takamado Gallery at the Canadian Embassy-Tokyo, Japan (2004, catalogue).

The book is designed by a Japanese package designer Akiyo Kamijyo and a Canadian graphic designer Robert Moreau.

Colour 88 pages in English and Japanese with life size portraits of children and reproductions of children's artwork, text by Goro Suzuki, Dialogue with Atsuko Harada, and dialogue with third graders.