Article Number: 328
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 234 Pages, 2008, de Appel
Editor: Yulia Aksenovat u.v.m

F.R. DAVID - Winter 08

Stuff and Nonsense

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In the editorial is observed that today's art world is confronted with the tyranny of communication, although in the mean time, illegible and inaccessible images in art are accepted as a matter-of-course.

On request the Norwegian artist Matias Faldbakken (1973) wrote the key-note essay. Faldbakken has, in addition to his visual oeuvre, also built up a reputation as fiction writer. In his text Faldbakken expands on the status, function and position of writing in his work. Jonathan Meese contributed a manifest about the dictatorship of art. The art historian Margriet Schavemaker links texts in the work of artists Robert Smthson, Mel Bochner and Marcel Broodthaers with the theory of philopsophers Michel Foucault and Jacques Rancière. Included is also a visual text by artist/filmmaker Paul Sietsema that was originally devised as image for an exhibition space but was typographically converted as message in a bottle from an anonymous sender. A selection of James Lee Byars' unpublished letters to Wies Smals from de Appel archive gives access to his visual correspondence.