Article Number: 2083
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 213 Pages, 2008, de Appel


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F.R. DAVID focuses on the ‘status’ of writing in contemporary art practice. Writing as a mode that informs and feeds, supports and describes, back up and interprets, comments and reflects upon contemporary artistic production. Writing as ‘the core material’ of a number of artists but equally as a mode that exists parallel to or in service of the visual

With contributions by Wiltold Gombrowicz, Yoko Ono, Roland Barthes, Ryan Gander, Cornelia Parker and Robert Indiana among a considerable host of others, F.R. David continues to explore the boundaries of writing in contemporary art practice. This issue "A is for 'Orses" insists on creating "in the mind of the reader, life which is not, and which is non-representational".