Article Number: 12324
Hard Cover, English / French, Thread Stitching, 176 Pages, 2021, Éditions Dilecta
Éditions Dilecta, Pinault Collection, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roni Horn, Caroline Bourgeois, Elisabeth Lebovici, Elena Filipovic, Julie Ault

Felix Gonzalez-Torres – Roni Horn

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Catalog of the exhibition “Felix Gonzalez-Torres – Roni Horn”. The exhibition proposed at the Bourse de Commerce is first and foremost a dream, that of being able to present two artists whose work and commitment have meant a great deal to their peers.

In the continuity of their deep friendship and based on emblematic works kept by the Pinault Collection, the exhibition brings together the works of one and the other, as if their discussion continued to exist in the present.

In the continuity of a creative exchange between the two artists, nourished for several years and brutally suspended by the disappearance of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, the exhibition at the Bourse de Commerce is made possible thanks to the involvement of Roni Horn, with the support of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation. Between installations, photographs and sculptures, the dialogue between the two artists is perpetuated through a series of works of fragile beauty and extreme emotional power, all in mirror and light, with the conviction that “the act of looking at each of these objects is transfigured by gender, race, social class and sexuality” (Felix Gonzalez-Torres).

At the heart of their work, and in this exhibition in particular, it is therefore a question of grasping the “intermediate” character of existence, the in-between dimension, caught in this tension between fragile presence and irreducible disappearance. The dialogue between the works of Roni Horn and Felix Gonzalez-Torres is anchored in the balance between these two polarities, between life and death, between the public and the private, the personal and the social, “between the fear of loss and the joy of loving, of growing, of changing, of always becoming more…” (Felix Gonzalez-Torres interviewed by Tim Rollins, in “Felix Gonzalez-Torres,” New York, ART Press, 1993).