Article Number: 10527
Soft Cover, Staple Binding, 27 Pages, 2014
Luca De Leva

Fiammetta Dixit

€ 17.00

Fiammetta, Luca's domestic everlasting oracle, lives in a small town just out of Milan, completely ignoring her fantastic mental condition. According to the Italian Government, she's 100% disabled.

But they don't know about her and, most of all, they don't know that she doesn't perceive time. Luca, her brother, is trying to achieve that same capabilty, which makes her so secial and deeply different from the rest of us. With this aim he turns into drawings the imaginary visions Fiammetta donates him during their interchanging sessions, picturing a fantastic world coming from an atemporal dimension. Coming for you, for us... for this eternal present, the only we should ever feel.

Language: Italian