Article Number: 2080
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 80 Pages, 2009, de Appel
Paul Sietsema, Connie Butler

Figure 3

€ 22.90

Following de Appel exhibition 19 Apr — 25 May 2008 of Paul Sietsema "Three Films", de Appel co-produced the artist's publication 'Figure 3'.

Paul Sietsema is an artist deeply engaged in the act of looking. He makes things, then films them in order both to see them more clearly and to render them more abstract. His ethereal drawings, sculptures, and films explore combinations of color, space, and movement through subjects spanning a broad geographic and temporal range. For his third and newest project, Figure 3 (2008), Sietsema takes as inspiration the ethnographic objects that he has collected from various locations, including Africa, Indo-Asia, and the South Pacific region of Oceania. Situating Figure 3 in the broader context of Sietsema's work of the past ten years, this far-ranging volume explores the artist's unique approach to looking as well as the relationships among his drawings, object-making, and film.