Article Number: 6778
Hard Cover, English, Staple Binding, 2014
Catherine Parayre, Leslie Boldt

Figuring it Out

Disfigurment in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Art and Literature

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Figuring it Out is an art book containing work by Gregory Betts and Gary Barwin, Adam Dickinson, Catherine Heard, Simone Jones, Richard Poplak, Alex Jansen, Jason Gilmore and Nick Marinkovich, Nadia Myre, Carrie Perreault, Aimee Margolis, Glenn Ligon, Ted Meyer, Jay Carrier, Zhang Huan, Karl Vondal, Alexandra Devitt-Lansom, Paddy Hartley.

In its exploration of disfigurement, this book focuses on creative and fictional work including both images and text. Using critical concepts from text-and-image theory, the authors posit that this combination makes manifest the open-endedness of the work in question. In other words, it always makes prominently clear that meaning as well as connections or associations cannot be exhausted. The works were chosen for this publication in order to illustrate and demonstrate this thesis represent different forms of disfigurement.

Language: English