Article Number: 5325
Magazine, English, 13 Pages, 2013
Katharina Stadler


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The project ‘flüchtig’ [volatile/fugacious] aimed to explicitly follow the paths which were taken by previous visiting artists and curators on site.

During the residency at Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts in Tehran in September 2012 Katharina walked those paths as to search for previous noted moments of inspiration and ask the (obvious) questions on the spot. Instead of attempting to leave this trail she intendedly looked at her temporary surroundings as others had done before. In her opinion, despite and because of this seemingly pre-outlined course of one’s stay a certain diffusion and volatility of the moment characterizes each residency stay.
This volatile character of each residency has been made tangible through polaroid photographs and sound recordings. The aim of the project therefore was to trigger a discussion of possible perceptions, advantages and superficialities to each residential visit at foreign art platforms.

Quelle: Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts