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English, 2 Pages, 2012
Ida Applebroog

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Documenta 13

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At once scatologically blunt and emotionally suggestive, it is of a piece with innumerable outbursts, complaints and observations—sentences and phrases overheard, read or snatched from TV—that Applebroog has been recording for decades in journals and notebooks.

Over the past year, she has digitized these and other texts in various fonts, recycling them in a range of mediums, formats and scales. Many are about to appear in her installation at Documenta 13 in Kassel, opening June 9, for which she has produced some 750,000 offset posters and broadsides to be taken away for free, torn from large pads on the walls or picked up from wire newsstands. They will also be walked around on sandwich boards and, combined with digital photos, drawings and paintings, mounted on the walls.


(by Faye Hirsch)