Article Number: 8332
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 143 Pages, 2003, ISBN 9789063690595
Sophia Vyzoviti

Folding Architecture

Spatial, Structural and Organizational Diagrams

"Architect Sophia Vyzoviti pushes, cuts, pleats, folds, and shreds the edges of architectural design – to startling effect.." -Woody Evans, Assistant Professor, Reference & Instruction Librarian at Zayed University, Dubai.

Folding is a relatively new trend in architecture. It is a very playful way of designing, which offers free rein to spontaneity and surprise during the design process. The book Folding Architecture gives insight into the possibilities together with results of the research the architectural faculty of the TU in Delft has conducted into this technique since 2001. The technique of folding in contemporary architecture is vividly illustrated with a survey of much-discussed concepts, projects and buildings in which this technique was applied. Compulsory for every architect wishing to design outside the mainstream. Language: English