Article Number: 10697
English, 2 Pages, 2000
DAVE ALLEN, Douglas Gordon, Jonathan Monk, Ross Sinclair

For Those About To Rock

Vinyl LP

availability unknown, if interested please write an email

Vinyl LP, erschienen anlässlich der Ausstellung "Dave Allen / Douglas Gordon / Jonathan Monk / Ross Sinclair - For Those About To Rock" in der Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, 12.02 - 15.04.2000

"It was already everybody's secret in the underground of the 'roaring twenties', when bourgeois ideology imposed the marketable construction of the artist genius as a lonesome warrior. But even today not only the law and order of aesthetic action is undermined by wild gangs of artists, as the 'Fab Four' ? Dave Allen, Douglas Gordon, Jonathan Monk, and Ross Sinclair ? could be fittingly called, regarding their various collaborations. Instead of staking a safe bet on a well dosed and pseudo-creative individuality, they consciously aim at the collective but loosely organised characteristics of the phantasy's luscious production. 'For those about to rock' tunes into just that." (Raimar Stange)

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