Article Number: 10697
English, 2 Pages, 2000
DAVE ALLEN, Douglas Gordon, Jonathan Monk, Ross Sinclair

For Those About To Rock

Vinyl LP
€ 32.00

Vinyl LP, erschienen anlässlich der Ausstellung "Dave Allen / Douglas Gordon / Jonathan Monk / Ross Sinclair - For Those About To Rock" in der Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, 12.02 - 15.04.2000

"It was already everybody's secret in the underground of the 'roaring twenties', when bourgeois ideology imposed the marketable construction of the artist genius as a lonesome warrior. But even today not only the law and order of aesthetic action is undermined by wild gangs of artists, as the 'Fab Four' ? Dave Allen, Douglas Gordon, Jonathan Monk, and Ross Sinclair ? could be fittingly called, regarding their various collaborations. Instead of staking a safe bet on a well dosed and pseudo-creative individuality, they consciously aim at the collective but loosely organised characteristics of the phantasy's luscious production. 'For those about to rock' tunes into just that." (Raimar Stange)

Language: English/German