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Florian Hecker


Florian Hecker
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Florian Hecker works with synthetic sound, which is made by processes of digital and electroacoustic signal processing.

Post-war modern compositional developments and knowledge from audiology and psychoacoustics serve as starting points for his abstract and material work. The modular loudspeaker system is a sculptural intervention in the exhibition space and at the same time a functional reproduction device. ***** Hecker's approach to his works is shaped both abstractly and materially by the technical manipulation of sound and increasingly other media; In their realization as installation or performance, however, the works generate rich subjective sensory experiences that cannot be categorized. Their computational composition makes the works "virtual" in a sense, but the experience of their manifestation is deeply material, even physical. They suggest new experimental forms, but contain references to stories of conceptual art, minimalism and performance. In Hecker's work, viscerally disturbing, high-volume performances can be the result of strict conceptualizations. All of these properties prevent the works from being exhaustively described by a disciplinary approach.