Article Number: 7268
Soft Cover, German, Thread Stiching, 46 Pages, 2015, Edition Triton
Sabine Ott


"...I have a design problem. The arbitrariness of the form is too much for me. I love the reduction; I like to have only a little..." (Sabine Ott)

"Mankind should modify their butts in order to be able to create new chairs. (...) What I do not need is the most fun because I can renounce it. In my design projects, I'm interested in, (and gain pleasure in dealing with), the existing. This also relates to the materiality. In my design work, I achieve my projects with amazingly little"
(Sabine Ott)

Texts: Barbara Holub, Bariaa Mourad, Wolf D. Prix, Ursula Maria Probst, Hannes Stiefel, Daniel Wisser

Language: English/German