Article Number: 5918
Hard Cover, German, Thread Stiching, 96 Pages, 2014, Revolver Publishing by VVV, ISBN 978-3-95763-085-8
Lukas Kindermann

Fragments of the Universe

€ 22.00

Kindermann is not afraid of futile effort. Although it can take a lot of emotional effort to dig your own grave, Kindermann takes it on almost indifferently, like one takes on a job that needs to be done.

[…] The act of penetrating the image is almost symmetrically balanced (or punished) by his own disappearance. His work often takes on a dialectical format, presenting the option that the final goal never reaches a climax, but instead is hidden, buried, closed, and then resurrected and performed all over again.” (Excerpt from „Questions of Survival“ by Nira Pereg).

Language: English