Article Number: 7501
CD, German, 1 Pages, 2013, Tochnit Aleph

Franz Mon - Stimmen lauter Stimmen

€ 21.50

This LP collects some of Mon's earliest concrete phonetic poems recorded 1962-64 as well as the radio-play 'Ich bin der ich bin die' from 1971.

Franz Mon (born 1926) is a pioneer in the field of concrete, visual and phonetic poetry. He once licked the new radio play into shape like no other german-speaking playwright before him. As a sound poet and with his 'articulations' or phonetic pieces, he conceptually renewed sound poetry in the postwar years. He lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

Edition of 400 copies. 320g picture sleeve and 280g printed inner-sleeve, including linernotes and artist biography in english.

Language: English / German