Article Number: 11697
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 100 Pages, 2019
Franz Thalmair

Franz Thalmair

VIE 02/01/17 - 03/31/17 TYO

Franz Rainer Thalmair, born 1976 in Austria, works as writer, editor, and curator in Vienna. He studied Romance philology and linguistics (French, Spanish, and Catalan) in Salzburg, Paris, and Barcelona and holds a Ph.D. in text and media linguistics from the University of Salzburg.

VIE 02/01/17 - 03/31/17 TYO is comprised of a collection, selection, and recombination of graphical elements gathered during a journey to Japan. Franz Thalmair photocopied, manipulated and manually reproduced all found materials. The book is part of the artistic research project "originalcopy - Post-Digital Strategies of Appropriation", which runs from 2016 to 2019 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and sheds light on the practice of copying from a post-digital perspective.

Sprache: Englisch