Article Number: 12637
Hard Cover, German, Glue Binding, 164 Pages, 2022, Verlag für moderne Kunst
Barbara Horvath, Henri Michaux, Helmut Eisendle, Franz Vana, Martin Zeiller, Gertrude Stein

Franz Vana

Blinder Raum
€ 26.00

BLINDER RAUM is the first major monograph of FRANZ VANA, an artist based in the south of Burgenland. The book offers

insight into his graphic work from 1972 to 2021. His distinctive formal language, both abstract and representational, weaves witty wordplay, geometric fragments, and at times imaginative motifs onto pictorial surfaces. The mostly monochrome graphite works testify to a subtle sensibility for bodies, forms, light and shadow. A monograph of works with text contributions by Barbara Horvath, Henri Michaux, Franz Vana and Martin Zeiller.