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Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 51 Pages, 2011, Archive Books
Jonathan Monk

From A to B & Back Again

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Chartered as it has been that the work of Jonathan Monk reaches into the past, looking in particular at the strategies of artists synonymous with the birth of conceptual art, adopting the language of conceptualism and infusing it with references he makes to his own personal history [...] Intro by Adam Carr

«Boetti? I am not sure what I can add. Alighiero made Conceptual art more human and perhapsless complicated. It sounds simple, and might be — but it probably isn't. His influence is as strong today as it has always been. He is like the fifth Beatle or even the sixth... his life seemed to follow a similar path? northern lad meets Asian mysticism in the late1960s. I think young artists find his humble and straight forward approach very appealing like navigating the thousand longest rivers in the world without a map but with the idea that there will be something magical around the next corner stop me»