Article Number: 12362
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 224 Pages, 2020, Fukt
Editor: Björn Hegardt, Ed Ruscha, Irma Blank, Karl Holmqvist, Marco Raparelli, Stefan Brüggemann, Sol LeWitt, Philip Loersch, Stefan Marx, Roni Horn, Henri Chopin, Editorial assistant: Alice Finney, Paula Scher, Simon Evans TM, Sketchbook Project, Nina Papaconstantinou, Mirtha Dermisache, Ariane Spanier, Suzanne Treister, Pavel Pepperstein, Ingwill Gjelsvik, Nadine Fecht, Shantell Martin, Katrin Ströbel, Xu Bing, Paula Troxler, Mark Lombardi, Pae White, Malgorzata Zurada, Prinzhorn Collection, Peter Phopbia, Annie Vought, Petra Schulze-Wollgast, Thomas Broomé, Meg Hitchcock, The Voynich Manuscript

Fukt 17

The Words Issue - Written Drawings

FUKT Magazine, one of the world’s leading, engaging and inspiring drawing magazine returns for its 20th edition. This new anniversary release looks at the art of portraits in drawing.

While creating portraits is as old as humanity, what does that mean today, especially in the age of selfies and social media? After 2 years of a global pandemic and people hidden behind masks FUKT Issue #20 explores and celebrates the human face. Featuring drawings by 34 contemporary artists, we delve into the world of portraiture and the face in contemporary art. Inside the magazine, you’ll discover a range of perspectives and topics, from face blindness, courtroom drawings and lockdown portraits to facial recognition – a selection of drawing positions that present a unique take on the face.

The cover comes in variations of 24 different printed faces, all of which have a tear-off cover revealing an empty face template on which you can draw any face you want. You can scribble, draw a portrait, simple or elaborate, anything is possible. We would love to see the faces you draw, so don’t hesitate to upload them to social media, tag us @fukt_magazine and we will feature them in our story, or email us a photo of the cover with your drawing.

Founded in 1999 in Norway by artist the Bjørn Hegardt, FUKT, which translates to “moist” or “damp” in Norwegian and Swedish, is a Berlin-based annual magazine for contemporary drawing. Each issue comes with a unique cover by Ariane Spanier who also co-edits and designs the magazine. From issue 16 onwards, the FUKT team began organising each edition thematically: from The Sex Issue on Dirty Drawings to The Words Issue and Fukt The System Issue.