Article Number: 2537
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 245 Pages, 2006, Neue Galerie
Nadja Rottner/ Peter Weibel

Gego, 1957-1988: Thinking the Line

€ 36.00

This book is published in conjunction with the exhibition "Thinking the Line: Ruth and Gego," curated by Nadja Rottner and Peter Weibel.

Venezuelan sculptor Gertrud Luise Goldschmidt (1912-1994), who worked under the pseudonym Gego, was one of the most important representatives of Latin American Geometric Abstractionism. Born in Germany, Goldschmidt became an architect and later immigrated to Caracas in 1939, where she radically altered the nature of modernist sculpture, countering the deductive logic of 1960s abstraction with a fluid conceptualism, reconfiguring "content-less" art into an open-ended process of "thinking the line." The most comprehensive examination of Gego's art published in English to date, this monograph contains deep analyses by scholars from a range of disciplines as well as previously untranslated historical texts, offering new perspectives on Gego's critical relationships to Venezuelan urbanism and kineticism, the New York avant-garde, and the European modernist traditions of Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism. Includes an illustrated chronology and an extensive plate section featuring three decades of sculpture and drawings.