Article Number: 10173
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 16 Pages, 2012
Marvin J. Taylor, Krist Gruijthuijsen

Geometries of Desire

An Interview with Dennis Cooper

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"Closer – The Dennis Cooper Papers" profiled the influential literary figure of Dennis Cooper (1953, Pasadena, USA), acknowledging his important impact across literature, poetry, performance and visual art.

"Geometries of Desire: An Interview with Dennis Cooper" was published alongside this exhibition.The exhibition hinged on the George Miles Cycle (1989 – 2000), a series of interconnected novels that include graphic scenes of violence and desire, of pedophilia, mutilation and necrophilia. The complex structure of the cycle could be seen as literary sculpture; one that is layered and constructed out of geometrical forms.Dennis Cooper’s literary aspirations were explored early on and often took the form of imitations of Rimbaud, Verlaine, De Sade, and Baudelaire. He wrote poetry and stories in his early teens that explored scandalous and often extreme subjects.In 1987, Cooper moved to Amsterdam where he finished writing the first novel of the George Miles Cycle entitled "Closer". "Closer" was awarded with the first Ferro-Gumley Award for gay literature and has since been translated into seventeen languages.Cooper was 15 when he met George Miles, the 12-year old brother of a friend. They immediately became very close and continued their affection and friendship after George developed a severe bipolar disorder in his early teens, causing him to go through phases of serious depressions, manic episodes, suicide attempts and occasional periods of institutionalization.In the early 80s, after they had been out of touch for over two years, Cooper began to write a cycle of novels in tribute to George, which consist of "Closer" (1989), "Frisk" (1991), "Try" (1994), "Guide" (1997) and "Period" (2000). Language: English