Article Number: 12366
Hard Cover, German, No Binding, 125 Pages, 2019, VFMK
Markus Redl

Geschichtengesättigter Raum / Bibliothek der Steine

€ 69.00

Markus Redl has been working on his library of stones, an open collection of bodies as saturations of space, since 2004.

“The saturation of a space with stories corresponds to the material that is stone. After all, stone is a storage medium, one of the oldest recording media there is.” (Markus Redl)

In the stories inscribed in them, different times, experiences and meanings are stored in layers. In this anarchive the sculptures are transformed into something like file cards, in which texts and references to sources are allocated to the materials processed. Meanings are both inscribed and deleted. The library of stones fulfills the function of revealing arbitrariness as a prerequisite for any type of sign system or coding. It represents a basis for man’s self-empowerment as a cultural being and its characteristic feature is a plurality of meanings. In the prologue to the publication the artist writes: “The library of stones is an excursion into patterns of various consolidations in space.” Allow yourself to be taken on a journey.