Article Number: 12078
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 144 Pages, 2020

Giovanna Silva - UN

€ 19.00

UN is a photographic diary by Giovanna Silva guiding us through the United Nations Office headquarters in Geneva. A chat-like narration unveils spaces, thoughts, eye catching details and is overlapped by images of halls, old phone booths filled with plastic wrap, textured walls, floors and ceilings, rows of tables and chairs, either straight or curving, like rollercoasters.

“I shoot five hundred and sixty-seven photos in thirtyfive minutes. The genre is known as now or never, and it’s a fairly commonplace form of delirium in this line of work.”

The pictures, all taken with an iPhone, offer an instant and almost sneaky glimpse into the architecture and ordinary life of the building, now stripped of its inaccessible status.