Article Number: 1378
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 80 Pages, 2008, D O W N
Ben Freeman, Bruno Bayley


Society, Politics and Mass Graves

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Grobisce is a book about the 580 mass graves in Slovenia. How did the killings happen, and why have only 1% of the graves been excavated?

Dozens of hours of original interviews and never seen before archive translations have been edited and sequenced into a series of conversations that tackle this taboo subject, which still holds a massive influence over Slovene politics and society. The book is lovingly printed on coated and uncoated paper, open-spine bound and has a foil embossed dust jacket. It is filled with luscious portrait and documentary photography and is one of the most intriguing and harrowing books that you will read this year.

Language: English