Article Number: 177
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 64 Pages, 1900
Silvia Fantauzzi/Christina von Dungen


Where Germany is shrinking

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The topic of our book is in general about the phenomenon of „shrinking cities“.

While the world population is increasing at a rate of about one million people per week, in the past few years over 400 cities lost approximately 1/10 of their habitants. Germany is also affected by this phenomenon: in total between one and two million apartments are unoccupied. The focus is on this present situation in Germany. We divided the book in three parts: It starts with a photographical survey in which one can see six cities with declining population in West- and East Germany. The second part consists of the theoretical examination. And at the end one can see collages. These are an outlook and should show some possible ways out of the „shrinkage.“ Eight of this collage form a eight-way-postcard-sets which we did in additional for the presentation and exhibition.