Article Number: 5077
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 2012, Christina Jauernik/Simon Oberhammer
Arno Ritter

Hands have no tears to flow

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“Hands have no tears to flow” appears as an independent thought and show book accompanying the exhibition in the Austrian Pavilion at the 13th Architecture Biennale in Venice. (English)

The book “Hands have no tears to flow” provides insight into a subjective search of texts and images that look upon the human body in a variety of ways. A heterogeneous collection of documents from medicine, science, art and architecture has been assembled on 148 pages, ranging from early recordings of brain waves, to the first artificial hearts, up to current research findings on nano implants in the brain. Works by Charles and Ray Eames, Andy Warhol or Tony Conrad are cited in parallel. What emerges is an associative montage of text and image documents from the field of architecture, historical medical inventions, artistic and cinematic positions, as well as current scientific applications concerning the body. In addition to the 92 illustrations, various text excerpts, interviews and inputs from selected authors are published, enabling a non-linear reading.