Article Number: 2145
Soft Cover, German, Thread Stiching, 64 Pages, 2003, Secession
Otto von Guericke, Matthias Herrmann, HANS SCHABUS

Hans Schabus

Astronaut (komme gleich)

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Hans Schabus' works are immediately related to a spatial thinking and experience; his sculptures and interventions often refer directly to the artist's mental and physical surroundings, especially to his atelier and the material to be processed there. The place where art is created is investigated in terms of its analogy potential with respect to life. The works can be read as a meditation on the creative act, its aspirations, but also on the difference from everyday activity. The film works that deal with traveling, speed and non-goal-oriented movement refer to the significance of an interdisciplinary reflection for art.

The exhibition project by Hans Schabus at the Secession comprises several elements that treat the possibilities arising from various perspectives of "empty space" as sculptural material. On the facade of the Secession, under the dome, the word "astronaut" is written in large glowing yellow neon letters, alluding to the unlimitedness of outer space in contrast to the enclosed space.