Article Number: 6511
Magazine, German, Staple Binding, 58 Pages, 2003
Christian Egger, Christian Mayer, Yves Mettler, Magda Tothova, Ruth Weismann, Alexander Wolff


Chicago, Times, Plotter, Helvetica, DIN, Techno, Löhfelm, RR_02, Univers, Tiffany, Circuit, Memphis, Gringo, Zeus, The Mix, Princess Lulu, Pigiarniq, Paper, Libertine, Trixie, Déjà Vu, Auto, Rediviva, Acid and Wanda are the 25 issues of the magazine founded in 2002 in Vienna by a group of Austrian, German and Swiss artists. With 2 to 3 issues a year, the members of the team publish their magazine around their personal encounters and artistic interests.

Each issue present around fifteen contributions, in both texts and images. Artists, writers, scientists and specialists in all kind of fields are invited to contribute and intervene in a sober and efficient layout already acknowledged by the London Design Museum in its exhibition Best European Design 2005.

The focus of the editorial activity is organizing and assembling the contributions, including works and found footage by the editors, in order to create for each issue a strong and beguiling unity, amplified by the use of a different font for each issue. Each issue printed in black and white in an edition of 300 copies, is completed with a color centerfold poster by an internationally recognized artist (Kai Althoff, Elke Krystufek, Daniel Pflumm, Ayse Erkmen, Richard Hawkins, Amelie von Wulffen, Cameron Jamie, Renée Green, Jennifer West etc...). Apart of the publishing work, the team organizes for each issue a release party in a specific space, such as a panoramic bar, a wax museum, project spaces, other magazine's editorial spaces, etc... inviting an artist to perform or exhibit (for “Techno”, Gregor Hildebrandt showed in Vienna his tape paintings and free jazz legend Sven Åke Johanson made music with the magazine “Techno” in Berlin, etc.). Broadening its network, the magazine gets invited into art spaces to which the team respond contextually: Multiple author wallpainting for a magazine fair, teamshow at Flaca in London, curated groupshow in Circuit, Lausanne, artists-in-residence in Copenhagen, lectures in galleries and workshops in universities, etc.. Isabella Schmidlehner 2, 34, 73, Rubrik 5, Misha Stroj 6, Michael S. Riedel/Dennis Loesch 10, 92, Valentin Carron: 4 croix 15, Jutta Koether: &c 19, Wade Guyton 26, Justin Beal invited by Mai-Thu Perret 30, Pierre Leguillon 32, 47, 71, Titelblatt 33, Constantin Luser: bettermustcome 40, Interview mit Daniel Baumann 44, Matthias Herrmann 48, Mathilde Rosier 54, Umfrage 58, Das Nichts 60, Robert Ku ´mirowski 62, Lucy McKenzie 66, Kalin Lindena 74, Vorwort / Preface 78, Scott Myles: TRIGGERTONIC.TV 79, Telefax 85, Trisha Donnelly: vortex 86, Roland Kollnitz: spotted sculptures: palmtree 88, Impressum 95, 96 Sprache: Deutsch / Englisch