Article Number: 9052
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 170 Pages, 2016
Alex Head

Here comes Trouble

An Inquiry into Art, Magic & Madness as Deviant Knownledge
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Imagine the infinitely tiny size of an atom. Focus on the size of this microscopic particle in relation to your own human body. Now scale up to the size of the planets, galaxies, to the solar system as a whole. The weight of your body exists between these vastly different scales.

Here Comes Trouble, An Inquiry into Art, Magic and Madness as Deviant Knowledge, is not about thermodynamics, negative feedback or refrigerators. Neither have I written a book about geology, black holes or migration, yet each of these material systems offer insights into the slippery topic of deviancy.

So what is deviancy? What forms does it take historically and what, as it were, does it do?

Language: English