Article Number: 6014
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 32 Pages, 2014
Deniz Beser

Heyt be!

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''Heyt be!'' is a timeless published fanzine equipped with humour and illustration by the three Istanbulish artists Deniz Beser, Sedef Karakas and Baris Sinsi

Heyt be! Zine, an illustrution/humour zine collective of Deniz Beşer, Sedef Karakaş, and Barış Sinsi formed in 2010 December.

Having joined zine fairs, festivals and exhibitions such as “Even my mom can make a book 2”, “Zine Fest Berlin” and “ Zürich Small Press Fair”, Heyt be!, in 2012, organised “Heyt be! Zine Exhibition” in an abandoned building in Tarlabaşı. Graffiti artists and musicians from Turkey and abroad were invited to the event. Following this exhibition, Heyt be! organised events like zine exhibitions and “Zine Movies at Home” in Kaptan Tomtom Street, Beyoğlu in 2013.

Moving on with the understanding of an untimely zine, Heyt be! is aiming at more future events to introduce zine culture to greater masses.

Language: English