Article Number: 1855
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 120 Pages, 2007, Veenman Publishers
Cornelius Quabeck


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Publication about the work of the artist Cornelius Quabeck. The wrapped sections isolate the different bodies of work and suggest continuity; as if another section could easily be added. The wrappers also function as information-holders, the captions don't have to appear on the works it self. In this way, reinforced by placing the images with overfill on the page, the paintings stand on their own.

'Hood', by the German painter Cornelius Quabeck, is an unusual book. This is principally because of the highly singular and idiosyncratic way in which it is finished, with each of the six sections packed in its own wrapper of thinner paper which is glued into the spine. The effect is that each section constitutes a separate exhibition. The wrappers are perforated at the fore-edge and are shorter in height than the rest of the book.
The panel were seized with curiosity at picking up this book. Had anyone ever seen anything like it? Are we supposed to slit the wrappers open with a knife? Or do we carefully unstick one end of each one at the spine? We decided on the latter course of action and in this way allowed ourselves to be surprised by the artist's work.

Every section of 16 pages has a wrapper, glued in the spine, perforated at the cut.

Text in English and German: Michael Archer