Article Number: 2566
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 112 Pages, 2009, Revolver Publishing by VVV, ISBN 978-3-86895-038-0
Eugen Radescu

How innocent is that

PAVILION UNICREDIT will host How Innocent Is That?, an exhibition curated by Eugen Radescu.

Starting with Goethe's poem "Der Erlkönig", that reflects the impossibility of attributing the status of innocence to anybody in any case, the show's discourse is aiming to variable facts, that within the contemporary society are isolated by a false overprotective wall and overlooked with great ignorance, as AES+F shows us in their work "The King of the Forest". Juan delGado's work "Don't look under the bed" explores the issue of schools still not being a safe place in which young people may develop self-esteem and self-respect. On the other hand, Carlos Aires in "The Enchanted Woods" from Happily Ever After series, talks about the way we perceive reality, blinded by our own imagination and rejection of grotesque.
The project "How innocent is that?" is structured in three segments aiming to describe as illustrative as possible the word "innocence", with all its weaknesses and associations. The first part, “The Opponent" suggests a way to approach the term "innocence" from an extremely topical and highly controversial angle: the socialism. In the second part “The pure white” the reflexion begins by approaching a concept-metaphor from the area of the common sense: the innocence associated with the childhood, the innocence of the white-vested children. The last section "The grotesque of innocence", debates over the misconception of the term "innocence" and its implications.

Language: English