Article Number: 2673
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 55 Pages, 2007,
Chloe Lane, Frances Cooke, Jacob Horward

Hue & Cry Journal

Issue One: The Garden Party

Hue & Cry is a 170mm by 240mm literary slash art journal based in New Zealand.

Includes: Essays by Kate Montgomery, Tahi Moore, Kate Brettkelly-Chalmers,
Simon Denny, and Jade Farley; new fiction by Pip Adam; poetry by Pansy Duncan;
and specially commissioned art works by Sarah Gruiters, Ahbeyott Mane, and Olivia

'Hue & Cry is a very attractive addition to New Zealand’s journal scene. The Umbers conversation sums up, in a way, Hue & Cry’s tone and focus. It is thoughtful and erudite, without being dry or overly pretentious … an exciting, promising new journal.’ – Lumiere Reader

Language: English