Article Number: 4538
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 328 Pages, 2011, TraumaWien
Mez Breeze

Human Readable Messages

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A book published by Traumawien containing almost a decade of Mez Breeze's "Mezangelle" writings. Mezangelle is a hand-crafted text with the aesthetics of computer code or protocols.

"Mez does for code poetry as jodi and Vuk Cosic have done for ASCII Art: Turning a great, but naively executed concept into something brilliant, paving the ground for a whole generation of digital artists." (Florian Cramer).

What marks Mezangelle out is how deep its use of those aesthetics go and how effectively it uses them. Mezangelle surfaces and integrates the hidden aesthetics of computer mediated human activity, setting computing and human language in tension and synthesizing them. It expands the expressive possibilities of text and is a form of realism about the conditions in which human reading is currently flourishing. "Human Readable Messages" provides an ideal opportunity to familiarize ourselves with Mezangelle in the depth that it deserves and rewards.

Language: English