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Soft Cover, English / Portogese, Thread Stitching, 56 Pages, 2021


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But, tell me, how did he feel about the book? Well, it was in it that an awareness came up, the awareness that the work spoke more about him than about the other. And why? Who knows?

And, regarding that, when did he realize it? Only now. Moreover, what other things did he grasp about the book? That it translates itself into materials that accompany him today. How so? Coldness no longer exists. What exactly does he mean by coldness? As an example, one could mention the use of fabric in his works, on which he performs heat engraving, testing the limits of this material: the point just before the fabric ceases to withstand the heat and ignites. It could also be mentioned that the veiling in his work resided in sheets of glass which have now been transferred to the graphic context of paper, of fabric. Then, could it be said that the book predates his present production? Yes, it ends up working, according to him, as a kind of vaticination. Here, much more is said about him than about the other. Why? Does this work bear intimate things? Yes. Here we see his parents' wedding, we see his grandparents, anyway, very intimate things from his family album. So is the book autobiographical? Perhaps, because all of this passes through him before it turns into work, doesn't it? And what story is told here? It is not clear what story(ies) is(are) told here because the book was born for him in a way that he cannot put into words and that is why there are still many undisclosed elements about the content and construction of the book that remain veiled. Having seen this, what about the texts? They were all thought through works already done. None of the texts that exist here had not existed as a bronze plaque, which, in this context, served as a stamp that marked this cotton paper, a warmer, more affable place. I feel this being fragile. Yes. This being is fragile indeed. The book needs to be taken care of, it is held in your hand, like a body of straw, like a bird. Here, care for oneself and care for the other reverberate. This place reveals a way of speaking from the innermost, without the precise realization of what this place is. That's it. Yes, this is what you have in your hands.