Article Number: 9701
Soft Cover, 210 Pages, 2016
Juli Susin


The edition is based on a pre-existing brochure, a technical guide for the modification of radio frequencies, augmented by 98 photographs made by the author, inserted at random among graphs and instructions for radio transmitters.

Everyone can make their own interpretation of the facts, and treat these photos, graphics and texts as anonymous archives found at the bottom of a drawer of an abandoned research center, or as memory traces crossing the dashboard of a hybrid creature. On the cover an illustration represents the patent of the actress Hedy Lamarr for his invention - Frequency hopping spectrum - at the origin of the Wi-Fi technology.

Four special editions are presented: one copy accompanied by the sculpture "Apyka", three copies accompanied by the film IKM-12M realized with the assistance of Alma Charry and Jérôme Lefdup. Eighteen copies are accompanied by a silk-screen print.

Language: Cyrillic