Article Number: 5001
Soft Cover, German, Staple Binding, 29 Pages, 2011, Thomas Geiger
Thomas Geiger

In Österreich heißt ALDI Hofer & Billa, sagt der Hausverstand

Series of publications which document some of Geigers actions releated to the supermarket chains ALDI, Hofer, Lidl, Billa and Thalia. - signed copy

In Österreich heißt ALDI Hofer, 2010

In Austria, ALDI is called Hofer, however most of the products are the same. Inspired by this difference, I compiled a dictionary of the ALDI and Hofer product names.

Billa, sagt der Hausverstand, 2011

In front of a supermarket a beggar asked me for some coins. i said to him: Let`s go into the supermarket and I purchase you products for 10€.


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