Article Number: 5998
English, 1 Pages, 2014, Martin Müller
Vika Kirchenbauer, Amrei Hofstätter

Infrared Dreams in Times of Transparency

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In her essay "Infrared Dreams in Times of Transparency – The Love Life of Drones and Other Western Cyborgs" Vika Kirchenbauer investigates the concepts of transparency, love, the “western” gaze etc. by reference to the global drone system: Drones are masturbatory: they resemble only a self-consuming illusion of total subjectivity, a lonesome wank in the safest place.

The drone is the ultimate peeping tom of modern warfare. Looking at the world through drones, with no-one looking back, the West –Former West, Global North or whatever term is considered adequate– ultimately stares back at itself. The gaze unmet by the observed is lastly directed inwards with self-satisfactory fulfilment.

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