Article Number: 19
Hard Cover, English, Staple Binding, 112 Pages, 1900


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As the theme, "Form" the content of the first issue has different subjects in articles, stories, illutrations about form, uniform, form without content, masks, image etc.

InOut was my diploma project. A trimestrial publication, without a standard format. Each format would be chosen by the theme of the number. First numbers would be : Form (eyes), Sound (ears), Flavour (taste), Texture (touch). Each number would treat subjects upon the theme of respective issue, but also would have the second component of recycling, multifunctionaliy of the object itself. For #1 Form i chose a strandard format which is a simple square, its like a normal publication/magazine, a book. The second one "Sound" would be a cd casette format, the third one "Flavour" would be a box of candies, the last one "Texture" has pages made by different materials.The first number of InOut project ("Form") is made in 3 exemplares. The others numbers are still in concept phase.

Language: English