Article Number: 10989
English, No Binding, 2 Pages, 2012
Rosie Heinrich

It was big enough to get me completely inside

Vinyl LP

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Recorded voices recount the nature and dangers of human desire, crisis and transcendence with abandon.

Oscillating between the seemingly fictive and very real, the sound piece is a construction of interwoven interview fragments in which three people recount the nature and danger of transcendence with abandon. The assemblage relates a fantastical and disturbing tale of esoteric and shamanic rituals, training schools and occupation, psychological and bodily accounts, treading a tenuous line between devotion and turmoil. It poses the zealous nature of group and individual desire, and its potential to dominate and compel. Sound piece, 30 minutes. Language: English.
5 chapters, pressed onto 10” vinyl and an accompanying booklet.

Language: English