Article Number: 3385
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 264 Pages, 2007,
Barbara Pichler, Claudia Slanar

James Benning

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James Benning’s films are among the most fascinating works in American cinema. (Engl.)

He explores the relationship between image, text and sound while paying expansive attention to the "vernacular landscapes" of American life.

This volume traces Benning’s artistic career as well as his biographical journey through the U.S., from Wisconsin to the East Coast to Southern California.

With contributions by James Benning, Sharon Lockhart, Allan Sekula, Dick Hebdige, Scott MacDonald, Volker Pantenburg, Nils Plath, Michael Pisaro, Amanda Yates, Sadie Benning, Julie Ault, Claudia Slanar and Barbara Pichler.