Article Number: 12376
Soft Cover, German / English, Staple Binding, 24 Pages, 2022, Revolver Publishing
Margret Rufener, Max Wechsler


€ 27.60

The publication “Jean-Frédéric Schnyder. Mappe A55” shows 17 female nudes from the “How To Paint (1973–75)” works series created according to the instructions of the DIY painting course of the same name by Walter T. Foster.

It forms a counterpart to the publication “Jean-Frédéric Schnyder. A255 Ausschnitt”, published by Kunstmuseum Bern in 1992. This, in turn, shows a range of different motifs painted in watercolour. In terms of format, page count and layout, the new publication is based on the one produced thirty years earlier.