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English, 2 Pages, 2009


Vinyl EP

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With their debut album set.jet in late 2008, fathered an awesome bastard of house, disco, electropop and rocking guitars.

As a matter of course this dirty message from the dancefloor underground had to be subjected to fundamental foreign as well as new interpretations. During the last months B.Fleischmann, TNT Jackson, set.jet´s producer Dokta GC and merker. tv‘s own DJ Durmek tended to some selected tracks and drew from them a diverse variety of new flavours. Dokta GC adds some elegant Riviera-flair to the otherwise crude Typical, B.Fleischmann turns Deepness into an even more lascivious pop tune, which is bravely affronted by TNT Jackson‘s slow motion disco version of St. Tropez. Finally, it gets downright deep with Durmek‘s revised edition of merker‘s parade stomper Supa. Again, Patrick Pulsinger heaved the lot onto the turntables with some custom-fit mastering. The artwork for the cover was provided by artist Uwe Jäntsch. This not being enough, he filmed an astonishingly bizarre video to B.Fleischmann‘s Deepness Remix in a Sicilian butcher shop, which accompanies the EP together with Didi Bruckmayr‘s Typical Remix Radioedit video as a bonus. Language: English/German