Article Number: 2873
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 48 Pages, 1990, A.R.T Press
William S. Bartman

Jimmy DeSana

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Interview by Laurie Simmons / Essay by Roberta Smith

"This book was Jimmy's final project. It was very important to Jimmy for everything to be just the way he wanted it. In his final days he was still working on picking colours and deciding the exact wording of different parts of the text. He was able to complete this work in its entirety even though he was very ill. I would like to dedicate this book to Jimmy's memory and spirit, which can be seen in the images in this book and will live on through those who loved him and were close to him in his life and work, as well as to all those who have been lost in the war with AIDS and those who loved them."

Bill Bartman, from the Introduction